It seems that no amount of mention of the arrival of the spring 2012 collections can convince the Manchester skies to shake of their glum expressions and shed a bit of light on us! The adornment of pastel shades, fused with neon brights have made their way onto the cover of this months Vogue, but have not yet found their way to our city that continues to reveal no traces of sun. Nonetheless, this week’s Fashionista has not been deterred by the (at times) overbearing gloom and has crafted her outfit with a hint of transition from winter of 2011 to spring of 2012.

The red chiffon blouse is what ignites this ensemble as it awakens its black surroundings and separates the layers. As of recent the chiffon shirt phase has become increasingly popular as a must have article in every wardrobe. The use of this sheer fabric appears to have continued from spring 2011 where it floated down the runways of the likes of Chloé in the form of their maxi skirts, and has persisted to trickle down to the highstreet in the form of todays skirts, dresses and shirts. Today’s Fashionista's ruffled blouse is teamed with a black bodycon skirt, which it elegantly drapes over with its dip hem at the front and at the back. In this particular case, the shape of the hem and use of continual black tones lengthens the legs. This is emphasised by the sharp contrast between the colour of the hem of the blouse and the black of the bodycon skirt, with the latter extending from the hip, right the way down to the tip of the black pixie boots.

The outfit is sealed with the timeless leather jacket and accessorized with the use of a miniature, brown leather satchel; the ultimate textile when it comes to battling the constant drizzle! However, remove the jacket and adjust those black shades to white (or a pastel colour of your choice) et voilà, an undercover spring outfit in the making!

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