When you’re in college it’s hard to dress comfortably and still look put together. This Fashionista does this especially well by sticking to the conventional (Ugg boots, messenger backpack) as well as the unusual (body hugging maxi dress in a bright, peachy pink). Mix these two together and you’ve got an eccentric look, one that follows no real trend, but that nonetheless stands out in a good way. Pulling off a maxi dress is one thing, but doing so with an eye catching color with Ugg boots seems impossible on paper.

This Fashionista wears her clothes well – they don’t wear her. She conquered the college student mission of dressing for comfort with style in her own, absolutely unique way. It’s not very often that you find people, specifically college students, that stand out from the crowd. Amongst the usual preppy and the hipsters (I know that’s not everyone) it’s nice to see someone who goes against the grain, and looks good doing it too.

Like to try this out for yourself? 

T by Alexander Wang is a nice alternative. Check it out here.

A less expensive version by Norma Kamali at Walmart here. (So even in Ithaca you can go out and buy it!) It’s only $20.00 and it’s organic.

Hint: Forget what you think you should wear. Wear what you want. Go forth with confidence! 

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