Despite the fact that cotton has dubbed itself “the fabric of our lives”, Fashionistas have done a fabulous job embracing the new “it” textiles designers throw at us each season. Though fur (faux, of course) made its fashion comeback a few years ago, it certainly isn’t showing signs of shedding any of its staying power. Instead, fur has attached itself to every accessory and piece of clothing possible — and I’m not complaining.

This Fashionista found a completely unique way to show off her furry fashion. Her scarf, made up of balls of fur, adds a playful element to an otherwise subdued outfit. Fur wrapped around the neck often lends an air of pretension and stuffiness, but here? It comes off as a simple and exciting accessory. An always chic sweater dress with thin tights and tall boots completes the picture perfect San Diego winter outfit.

Following this Fashionista’s lead, eke out the last few weeks of fur-wearing weather by springing for a similar scarf of your own. Look for something with interesting detailing to keep away from the over the top vibe. A multi-toned scarf gathered in the center is a more subdued option, while a brightly hued accessory adds a bit more punch. Unleash the fur-y, and your wardrobe will be all the better.

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