Whether you categorize yourself as a downtown chick, uptown gal or a gossip girl, always incorporate a feminine piece into your wardrobe. I’m sure everyone has a fashion icon and a style idol. Well, mine are Coco Chanel and Olivia Palermo. Coco Chanel always looked flawless in feminine looks incorporated with masculine pieces. Olivia Palermo never fails to impress with classic and trend mixed outfits. What these two fabulous and fashionable ladies have in common are they always have one piece that make them look like a million bucks and help pull the whole look together. Today's Fashionista looked uptown chic with a ladylike coat belted with skinny jeans and clog booties. The ruffled jacket was the perfect feminine touch to dress up a casual skinny jean. When adding small accessories like a belt, it makes the outfit look polished.

This Fashionista’s look was uptown chic and refined. Elegance doesn’t necessarily mean splurging but actually having one key piece does the trick. For this Fashionista the ruffle coat was the key piece in her outfit.

Hint: To get the uptown chic look, try a classic feminine piece like this top or this dress . Pair the top with a great pair of skinnies and cool pumps. The pumps will dress up the look and the skinnies will keep it effortlessly casual. Pairing the dress with a blazer and flats will make the outfit look relaxed but the flats will keep it casual enough for the day.

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