It's funny how in a city where there is so much hustle and bustle, many people can be completely tuned out. It was almost as if I woke this Fashionista up out of an iPod enduced coma when I asked her if I could snap a photo of her. When she finally understood what was happening, she explained to me that she was just running some errands and threw something on; she didn't think it was a worthy outfit. When I am walking around the streets of New York, it feels like just about everyone is embracing the everyday Fashionista inside of them. Sometimes it feels like too much though; when did the treadmills at the gym become moving catwalks? So, I felt for this Fashionista's insecurity, but assured her that what she "threw on" looked amazing on her and embodied New York street style.

It's summer time and cut off shorts are a staple. I love hers because they are torn and white. White denim is huge for summer. Her floral top is loose which is a must not only because of the heat wave, but also because her shorts are tight – the juxtaposition works well together. She takes her own spin on the gladiator sandal wearing a pair with a less traditional pattern than most we see on the streets. Her purse is vintage (if you count stealing you mom's old bag as vintage!) and looks awesome with the other modern trends she touts.  I am loving how this Fashionista is keeping it fashion forward even as she runs her errands. 

To get a look like this Fashionistas head to LF. It is kind of like Americas response to Topshop (and more convenient because there are locations across the country). 

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