Based on traditional prints and khaki suiting, safari-inspiring style hits the runway with its simplicity of construction and shape. Because of its simplicity, a high personal styling is the No.1 rule to create an original look.

Spotted: Two native London Fashionistas intrigued me with their different explantion of safari style. On the left, this Fashionista suited up in a dark gray blazer and a high-waist shorts. The white undershirt brought a fashionable simplicity to the whole ensemble. The length of the shorts was just appropriate to the ratio of her legs. She made a solid safari style with minimalist clothing that amazingly flattered her body. 

Then came the Fashionista on the right. Dressing for the same theme, she defined safari with a more feminine and romantic style. Her vintage crème floral double-breasted coat was her biggest success. The fold detail around the neckline sophisticated the coat. The coat was just long enough to cover her thigh and short enough to allow her slim long legs become part of her stylish statement. 

The definite take home advice from both two Fashionistas for a great safari look is to find the clothing that defines you the best. Make sure to go with the clothing that fit you the most and believe in love at the first sight when you try them on. Don’t be afraid to go wild with safari either. Sergenti color is not the only choice you have. Check out some celebrity looks for new ideas.

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