What do bump-its, capri pants and mistake children have in common? They were not meant to be created. Let us add the month of March to that list. In my mind, March is a lost cause. I'd rather it be spring already or snow ten more inches, or at least provide me its worth with a holiday where I do not lament my lack of Irish heritage. March provides us with nothing more than unwanted remnants of winter and fleeting glimpses of spring, thus leaving us in a quandary; how do we dress for this month that is a mess?

On an abnormally cold March day, I found a Fashionista with a solution. Sporting a vintage military bomber, she exemplifies the need for verstaile pieces that March necessitates. Here I present my case as to why this coat makes for the optimal choice in transitional elements:

Remaining structured, the coat is roomy enough to fit a thick sweater beneath for colder days, while its flannel sleeves are capable of providing appropriate warmth if worn over a lighter layer. Olive green is a subdued neutral that is capable of harmonizing with multiple factions of the color spectrum. The shade is deep enough to encapsulate the tenebrosity of winter, yet when paired with lighter-colored base pieces, the hue mimics the profluence of green that is spring. With April showers approaching, trench coats of a similar shade are creeping from closets everywhere. Yet brown flannel sleeves differentiate this coat from others, providing the piece with an element of complexity that is noteworthy but not overwhelming. Hitting just at the waist, this piece is suitable to wear with shorts and will refrain from making one approach street-walker territory. Pair a coat such as this with denim shorts, lace-up boots and a knit infinity scarf for a casually cool look that seamlessly meshes elements of your spring and winter wardrobes.

While I know many of you are set to buy this piece, I unfortunately must inform you that is not possible. Found in a vintage collection, this jacket is a U.S. Army Men’s Field Coat. Thus, this piece is far and few among others and differentiates this Fashionista from the rest.

Yet to achieve a similar look uncovetable by others, visit your local vintage or secondhand store, or site such as Vintage Vixen. The majority of pieces found at these stores are one-of-a-kind and will undoubtedly individualize your wardrobe. Pay attention to detail; elements such as patches and embroidery instill a sense of genuine authenticity, while small tears and faded colors create a divinely distressed look.

Thus, why not enliven your March by taking a cue from this Fashionista? Add some vintage versatility to your wadrobe for a look that was surely meant to be.

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