Beating out the blazer and conquering the cardigan, various vests have fallen into favor this season. Whether they’re snatching from suits or dressing in drapery, designers of all genres have adopted the vest into their fall and winter collections.

Suit up with this Fashionisto and opt for original outerwear. Complementing a crème crewneck sweater with Burberry plaid accents, this Fashionisto wraps up in wool with a navy blue vest, peppered in pinstripes. Set against dark, cuffed denim and coordinating driving moccasins, this Fashionisto combines tuxedo with taste by featuring a formal focal point amongst casual classics. Sprinkled with softer shades of beige and brick red, this cool colored palette is broken up with warmer prints and vanilla vestments, creating a dashing demeanor perfect for professional endeavors and evening occasions. Finished with the warmth of gold wristwatch, this Fashionisto’s ensemble is not only professor approved but style savvy as well.

Hint: To make a vest voyage as sophisticated as this Fashionisto, be sure to browse through Madewell’s and J.Crew’s fall collections.

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