STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Vintage Denim Makes A Comeback

When I think of cut-offs, the first thing that comes to mind is the fashion trend from the '70s. Back then people made their own shorts by simply cutting their blue jeans to the desired length and leaving them as they were, without hemming or stitching, hence the name cut-offs. It is now the 21st century and this style of shorts has made a comeback, making them both vintage and trendy.

This week’s Fashionista put together a very casual, yet stylish outfit by matching her vintage Levi rolled up cut-offs with a simple white button-up long sleeve blouse. She purchased her denim shorts at Urban Outfitters, but vintage looking jean shorts are very easy to find and even make.

If you are trying to go for the more vintage look, look for a basic pair of light denim jeans; Levi’s are perfect for this. I suggest going to some thrift stores first and checking out their selections, but you can always purchase brand new jeans. You can then cut the jeans to your desired length and either roll them up to hide the fringes, or show them off for a more distressed look.

If you are over the whole plain denim look and want to add some more personality to your outfit, I highly suggest checking out Runwaydreamz. They have the most amazing selections that I have been so obsessed with lately (trust me you will be too if this section applies to you). Minkpink also has some similar and less expensive styles. My personal favorite is the tie-dye.

Now that it’s getting warmer (at least here in Arizona), shorts will be worn more frequently soon enough, so my advice is to add some vintage denim to your closet for all of the warm sunny days to come.



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