With the pandemonium of holiday parties behind and the caravan to campus ahead, College Fashionistas everywhere are shedding their sequins and seasonal dresses in exchange for more academic apparel. With temperatures still dipping below freezing, fur vests and puffy parkas have taken the sidewalks by storm. However, today’s Fashionista introduces another tasteful textile: velvet.

Putting a sumptuous spin on the schoolboy semblance, this Fashionista dons deep blue velvet with collegiate confidence. With subtle flap pockets and a single-button closure, this Fashionista’s basic blazer makes for an androgynous appearance. Pairing neutral navy with a majestic material, this Fashionista marries the simplicity of solids with the royalty of texture. Contrasted against the subtle striping of a tulip skirt and an rosy red scarf, today’s Fashionista pairs prints with pops of color to create movement and miscellany amongst the marriage of simple staples.

Capable of dressing up any ensemble without the clutter of accessories, yet subtle enough for everyday occasions, velvet vestments will hold their own this season, no matter what circumstance.

To scope out schoolboy staples as sumptuous as this Fashionista’s, check out J.Crew and American Apparel.

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