There’s nothing like a signature hairstyle to define your look. The pixie cut has been around since the ‘20s, but before Halle Berry, Rihanna, and most recently, Emma Watson, donned the ‘do, British model and actress Twiggy popularized the cut in the ‘60s. The shorthaired style created a new wave of feminism with an androgynous look that was perfect for rebelling young girls. One thing is for sure: this gorgeous and classic hairstyle takes courage.

This Fashionista pulls off the pixie cut flawlessly, it complements her oval shaped face and defined bone structure. Draped bangs are great for a less severe cut – they give you something to dust off your face when you feel like you’ve got nothing left. Going along with her unisex haircut, I like how this Fashionista's outfit combines feminine and masculine trends. Her printed linen dress is comfortably cool and feminine. She chose to define her waist and give the dress a little something extra by topping it off with a belt. Her light jacket is effortlessly stylish and perfect for spring. This bold blue can be paired with any bottoms whether it’s a dress, skirt, or slacks. Its light, easy drape and loose fit works for both sexes. She again steps into the boy trend with her black and white wingtip oxford shoes, adding to her bold and daring look. The two-tone pattern gives the classic shoe some flair. G.H. Bass & Co. offers a great pair of saddle shoes at a decent price. Her eye-catching red leather bag gives color to her outfit and makes it more playful and flirty.

Ultra-short cuts are the style of the moment, and I’m sure they’ll only multiply as the balmy, New York City summer approaches. The pixie cut is sexy, chic, and easy to style, but it’s definitely not for everyone. If you want to emulate this Fashionista’s bold, daring, and edgy ensemble, then this hairdo might be for you. Liberate yourself from those long locks and man up!

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