In college, students are exposed to many things: urban life, ideas, fashion, and friends. Getting to know people in school is great because they come in all kinds, and especially at an art school, I personally have been introduced to so many amazing students with different backgrounds, opinions, and styles. Here, we see a very special friendship with a very special taste in fashion. These two love birds can be seen around Columbia with a hip, yet simplistic look, creating a cool, casual look that not a lot of people can pull off–making them quite the stylish couple.

In this case, they are sporting large down coats that have been storming the country. They are known to be one of the warmest coats out there, kind of like a really warm sleeping bag, but made into a stylish coat. With the Fashionisto, he has put together an outfit made of tailored jeans, a sweater, collared shirt, neutral laced shoes, and the legendary down coat. His coat is more than the typical black down coat we see–its green, huge, and has fur lining the hoodie. This Fashionista is sporting some beautiful purple Victorian-inspired shoes, jeans, a circle scarf, and the down coat. Her down coat includes buttons along the zipper, and the collar surrounding the coat is extra large, giving it that warmth factor and a stylish touch. Altogether, these are down coats that have those goodies and extras, making them look great in the dreadful weather.

In my closet, you will not find a down coat, which I highly regret. What do I wear? Girly peacoats and trenches. I always wear fashionable coats that don't really keep you warm. I think next winter will be a down coat season for me, unless another expensive Michael Kors coat leaves me breathless and I splurge. My advice is to go out there and look for some nice down coats to keep you warm this winter season. If you think large puffy coats aren't your thing, at least try one on to see what all the buzz is. It might change your mind and you will be warm forever.

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