It is no secret that the new ‘It’ accessory this season is the over-sized watch. Not only is it practical, it is an easy way to make an outfit look put together and chic. While large shiny versions (such as the ones seen at the University of California San Diego and Penn State University) are always an eye-catcher, a more classic style is becoming popular on campus.

Today's Fashionista put this trend to use when I spotted her on Comm. Ave. While the watch face is still large enough to be considered over-sized, its leather band makes it more classic than flashy. The gold is used to complement the leather, rather than to draw attention. It is an addition that completes her effortlessly cool look, giving the light colors of her ensemble a little tougher vibe. In addition, the black band makes it incredibly versatile and wearable day or night. Paired with a unique collection of bracelets and rings, the watch also adds to the personality of this Fashionista’s look.

To get a classically chic look, like our Fashionista, try adding a similar watch to your accessories. Opt for ones with a simple leather band and pretty metal accents, like DKNY’s version. It'll give you a timeless (pun not intended) look. For a more wallet-friendly choice, try Urban Outfitter’s Typewriter Watch, which allows you to personalize it with your initial. You can also get a watch with a tan cracked leather wristband to get an old-school elegant feel. Or, for a unique and personalized look, try a watch with a colored band. Regardless of how you choose to accessorize your outfit, a chic and classic watch will always add an extra stylish element to your ensemble.

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