Strolling down the streets I could not help but to take notice of this Fashionista. Seeing her from a distance gave me a moment to ponder what we consider typical as far as articles of clothing. If someone were to ask me to give a generic list of clothing I would say: shirt, pants, dress, skirt, jacket. Though we have subcategories within those aforementioned, that generally covers most types of clothing. However, something has happened in the past few seasons that will revolutionize the fashion world; we have a new category, the onesie! The look that most girls are sporting in the summer is the romper. This Fashionista however does great justice for the less commonly worn one-piece jumper. Designers like Derek Lam are creating structured jumpers that are perfect for work or a night out. If worn in a structured way, this really is the modern day fashion forward version of a suit. This Fashionista gives a sophisticated yet casual spin on the trend. The light material is perfect for summer, and it drapes loosely over her frame. She pairs this all black ensemble with a chunky necklace and oversized purse. While this Fashionista looks unbelievable, readers do beware! For the tall Fashionista’s out there this is a perfect, figure-flattering look. Unfortunately, for our vertically challenged readers, you want to avoid this look if the jumpsuit you choose is too loose or if it is patterned. Stick to a more structured body hugging option in one color. I love this one from American Apparel. 

Hint: Try adding a belt or finding a jumper with elastic around the waste to give your body more of an hourglass shape and to spice up your outfit. 

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