A new year has begun and the weather has been more unpredictable than ever. New temperature highs in multiple states have left many wondering what to wear, especially since it’s not time for spring clothes quite yet. This Fashionista has figured it out with a pair of high-waisted shorts, perfect for any weather combination.

Shorts are worn during all the seasons now, and I must say I love it. This Fashionista paired her high-waisted shorts with black opaque tights to give her look a more seasonal flair. On colder days, I would recommend sweater tights or pairing regular tights with knee-high socks and boots. Layering the look makes the outfit more versatile and allows for different color combinations. I like how this Fashionista mixes navy and black to complement the dark washed denim. High-waisted shorts also come in cotton, velour and leather, which can be incorporated into outfits for different occasions.

Sitting right above the waist, her statement necklace takes this look to the next level. A continuing trend into 2012, the statement necklace provides a bold and chic edition to any outfit. Mixing different necklaces to accessorize the shorts, whether they are regular denim, colored denim or other colored fabrics, helps enhance this look. It never hurts to have multiple high-waisted shorts and statement necklaces so you can mix and match.

I also love incorporating different lengths when layering an outfit. From a long sweater, to a short one, coat or cardigan, the different layers add different dimensions enhancing the visual effect of the ensemble. This effect makes it so that the statement necklace and the high-waisted shorts leave an impression on the viewer. This Fashionista's complete look demonstrates that there is no need to be unsure about what to wear in the midst of temperamental weather.

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