This past week I traveled to the western coast of Southern Ireland. While I indefinitely encountered many more sheep than people on my spring break, I did manage to happen upon a handful of Fashionistas. I spotted this Fashionista on the lawn of a fifteenth-century castle that is now run as a hotel. Her outfit is fit for a walk along the intersecting and winding country paths around the grounds; it is essentially a modernized and feminized hunting ensemble.

She pairs a taupe, high-waisted linen Zara skirt with a simple Three Dot navy shirt. The two hues are then expanded upon: she takes stride in over-the-knee brown leather riding boots from Garnet Hill and shields the March winds with the help of a quilted navy Barbour jacket. The silk scarf that peeks out from the Fashionista’s collar and cascades down her front transforms the outfit and deems it tea-time appropriate.

The pistachio and lavender pigments of her sunglasses mirror not just the sun but also her silk necktie. The quirky, round-framed vintage glasses, which the Fashionista purchased at the Porta Portese market in Rome, are a unique way to shield the sun.

This Fashionista’s look is perfect for spring; the softened tones of her garments are reminiscent of those of the freshly blossoming earth. Also, the pieces are light, layered and fickle-forecast friendly. The simple pieces are perfect for both the intrepid and the not so intrepid of us.

Colder temperatures are the bookends of spring days, and therefore it is important to dress accordingly. The crisp spring mornings may leave the Fashionista gob smacked and shivering, fearfully peering into a closet full of floral dresses more appropriate for August heat. Fear not, zealous sartorialists! Pick a springy garment, like this Fashionista’s linen Zara skirt, and pair it down with a few warmer garments that can easily be torn off in a sun-induced ecstasy. Just remember not to take off every layer, a Fashionista must always be well “manored.”

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