STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Well Surprise, Surprise

I would like to say that nothing surprises me anymore. But then Heidi and Seal decided to separate and I was pretty surprised. But seriously, in regards to fashion, sometimes it can all feel so played out. Things that are supposed to be shocking are simply a big yawn nowadays. Of course there will always be a revolutionary aspect of fashion, but is anything every completely originally and organically fresh anymore? Surely there is, but it is rare. Little I see on fashion blogs warrants the shocked gasp or even the raise of an eyebrow.

Do you know what is unexpected? It's when you see someone on campus trying out a bold look, like this Fashionista. I know, she seems classic from head to toe, but just wait for it. She starts off stylish and traditional with a fabulously Calvin Klein trench coat and Levi Brand Jeans. Adding a little dimension to the mix, the Fashionista adds a blue and white stripped top from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 lace-up brown boots.  The chic look pops with a red lip. But the fun does not stop there. The Fashionista ups the ante when she turns around and you can see her pinked tipped hair coming out from her bun. 

It is fabulous, and I love the unexpected element! But what is the point here; should I go all Katy Perry and dye my hair electric blue? That was not necessarily the take away that I got from this Fashionista. Instead, it occurred to me how fun it is to throw in something you one would not see coming. Whether that is adding a statement shoe to an all black outfit or having a conservative turtleneck only to have a completely exposed back. It is a fun way to approach how you dress and the surprise factor can definitely take an outfit to the next level.


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