Something that I really admire as a schedule-packed, sleep-deprived student is when I come across an equally busy minded girl on campus with enough ambition to dress flawlessly for class. While the majority of college girls roll out of bed and slip into the standard legging-Sperry combo, it's Fashionistas like this one that prove that comfortable class attire does not have to be bland.

Contrary to popular belief, the transition from summer to fall is not an alert to throw your maxi dresses to the back of your closet. Instead, continue to incorporate them into your weekly wardrobes, as they serve as an even better and much more attractive alternative to sweats. Not to mention, when the in between summer-to-fall weather denies us of our cozy autumn garb – a maxi is the ultimate solution. They’re an easy one-and-done deal, and can effortlessly take you from the classroom to date night on Main Street. It's important to remember that charming, timeless fashion revolves around the idea that less is more. As Coco Chanel once said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

For the change of season, you may want to opt for dark or neutral colored maxis. Then, get back into the fall spirit by retuning your layering skills by adding a leather jacket or cropped sweater. Finish off your look with a cute pair of booties or a classic pair of Keds. When you shop for pieces that aren’t season specific, the contents of your closet will last for many semesters to come. Stay cute, comfortable and covered this fall by following this Fashionista’s advice: when in doubt, max it out.

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