You’ve all heard it. It’s probably the most well known fashion “rule." But, this so called “rule," in my opinion, is the biggest fashion myth. Maybe it’s a Southern thing, but my mother used to always tell me, “You can’t wear white after Labor Day.” All things white, with the exception of a tee, were saved until Memorial Day, or at the earliest, Easter Sunday. So, as I began to think about this week’s post, I decided to address this fashion “rule” that seems to dictate Fashionistas' and Fashionistos' wardrobes for approximately nine months out of the year.

After doing a little research, I have determined that there is no real reason behind it. The best response I could find online was that the rule was established to make sure people did not wear light clothes during cold months. So, with the reasoning seeming slightly irrational, go for it! Don’t write off the white just yet. It’s fashionable life expectancy just increased from three to twelve months.

This Fashionista seems to agree. I caught her stolling out of class, sporting none other than a white dress. I’m sure traditional Fashionistas are having a heart attack over the boldness of this girl’s choice. But, she is rocking the look while breaking all the rules. Her white dress seems to be the perfect choice for all post-Labor Day festivities. While white after Labor Day is completely acceptable, there are some ways to make this look appear more cold season appropriate. I love the denim shirt this Fashionista threw on top of her dress to keep warm in class, and her jeweled, dark gladiators are the perfect compliment.  If you're still wearing those white jeans, try pairing them with riding boots and a chunky knit sweater.

As the weather gets colder and you are packing away those summer trends till warmer days, leave the white. If the football and basketball teams can have white-out games in the middle of winter, you too can do it. Whether it be pants, dresses, or, dare I even say it, shoes, keep them out for the perfect pop to your fall wardrobe.

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