STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Whiten and Brighten

Many high schools required girls to wear white dresses for their graduation ceremony. If you're a college student involved in a sorority, you may have to wear a white dress for certain chapter events. Regardless of the occasion, we've all been in that unfortunate circumstance where we need a very specific uniform for a particular situation. It's always a pain to try and find something perfect (and in your price range), and the experience can scar your idea of the piece you're searching for.

I'm like that with white dresses. Ever since I spent weeks trying to find a communion dress when I was in elementary school, the idea of a simple white dress gave me a headache. From the on, I couldn't wear a white dress without feeling like I was going to some special event with a bland dress code.

Today's Fashionista reminded me that a white dress can be pulled off without looking like you're coming from your City Hall wedding. All you need is a bit of color. While some prefer to accessorize their white frocks with metallic details, adding some matte color is also a great way to liven things up. This particular Fashionista decided to use the navy blue found in her dress' embroidery to add on to her ensemble. This can easily be done with items such as scarves, sandals, handbags, cardigans, headwraps, and all types of jewelry. If you're feeling extra spontaneous, go ahead and grab a simple white sundress and spice it up with whatever you please.

If you're reading this and thinking of the old rule, "Thou shall not wear white after Labor Day," please… it's 2011, Fashionista! This rule has been broken plenty of times before!

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