STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Who Wears Layered Shorts

As the weather gets colder and we see the last traces of summer disappear, we may find it hard to leave behind our newly gained hot weather pieces. Shorts in all patterns and textures, especially destroyed light wash denim, dominated street style fashion this summer, so what to do when breezy days ban your favorite Daisy Dukes?

Layered tights are the answer, giving you the opportunity to stretch your shorts stint for at least a few fall months. Try layering thick black tights under tweed shorts, like this Fashionista, for a subtle revamp of the summer staples. Perfect for campus trips and first days back to class, tights or leggings layered under shorts are a combination daring enough to catch some eyes and classic enough to be school appropriate. Pair the twosome with flats instead of boots or heals and try a tucked in sheer top, especially with high-waisted shorts.

If your shorts are of a simple texture, choose patterned tights like these from ModCloth. Other tights that come in dark fall colors like these from Lord and Taylor work well under wool or corduroy shorts, but stick with plain black opaque tights like these from Anthropologie for any detailed shorts.

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