Back in Washington, D.C., Welcome Week came and went, taking the students of George Washington University by storm, literally (Shout-out Hurricane Irene). Due to all the festivities every evening, it was a pleasant surprise to encounter this Fashionista on the corner of 22 and G while the sun was still out.

This Fashionista was on her way home from shopping and dining in Georgetown with her mother. She remarked that she had not had a lot of time to get ready. For scenarios like this, it is important to rely on statement pieces, because they can dress up any outfit to be woman-with-a-collegiate-education-meeting-her-mother-for-lunch appropriate.

She wore Paige denim shorts and a top by Leyendecker, but what caught my eye in particular were her leopard-print ballet flats by French Sole. Because the print is so outrageous, it simply goes with every ensemble while also giving her outfit attitude.  Despite being on the go, this Fashionista kills it with her bold choice of leopard print flats.

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