STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Winter Wools And Spring’s Splashes Af Color

The weather has been changing here in Kent and with that means the layering of winter wools and spring’s splashes of color. Thrift shopping is trending in the Fashion School of Kent State University, and this Fashionista knows exactly how to blend it all together ever so smoothly. Her outfit is perfect for the ease of her day. She began her morning in the ballet studio and instead of carrying around a change of clothes, this Fashionista planned ahead and created a versatile ensemble. The dark gray wool socks were put on to keep her warm during her lessons and then for walking around campus. She has ballet flats on for easy movement between her various activities and her denim button-down shirt was casually thrown on as well.

The shorts were the piece that greatly interested me. A lovely like pink tweed with little printed florals were the perfect touches of spring. Color has literally become the rage now, and this was the first little hint of it we had here on campus. It’s such a mood booster seeing other students clad in colored denim and sheer blouses. It makes walking to class so much more enjoyable! I love that this Fashionista can combine everything she does in one day into one single outfit that makes her, her. I am infamously known to carry a thousand bags everywhere I go and it is just so tiring. I admire the way she can compact her essentials. It's something I think we all should considering applying to our daily lives. Live more compactly and colorfully; life is too short to have all of these excessive things dampening you days.

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