New York winters are about as (meteorologically) fickle as they come. This past week the barometer hit sixty degrees and I nearly slapped myself across the face. Out of hatred? No. Out of disbelief. The day was slightly windy, mildly warm and very sunny. It was a fluke day, a day that comes and goes so quickly that you quickly categorize it in your brain's nostalgia bin.

When my elation died down and I finally composed myself, I realized I had no idea what to wear. If you are ever stricken by the misfortune of outfit block, take a cue from this sartorial student. This Fashionista had no problems adapting her winter wardrobe to the unseasonably balmy temperatures. Her dress, a slinky spandex material, is nicely detailed with mesh insets. A little black dress is a must for any Fashionista; the garment’s versatility is dumbfounding. Beneath the black dress, this Fashionista opted for graphic Betsey Johnson tights that were about as rosy as my Indian summer disposition. Graphic tights, as exemplified by this Fashionista, are the perfect supplement to an otherwise elemental ensemble. The Fashionista dons simple, tall black leather boots that perfectly cinch the look together.

The beauty of this outfit is its versatility. Whether you live in the Arctic Tundra (too far?), the Midwest, Texas, or anywhere in-between, look to this Fashionista for outfit advice. Throw a parka over her bare shoulders and she is ready to face a blizzard. Swap those tall boots for booties and she’s ready for the crispy, bright L.A. sun.

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