‘Tis the season to be adorable, if you’re this Fashionista, anyway.  She’s hit on just about every component of the inherently cute with this ensemble: hearts, lacy tights, bows, the colors pink and mint green, Keds–she’s got it all. The only thing left that might augment the cute factor for this outfit is a tutu, and then she would look like she just came from a Hannah Montana concert; she wisely didn’t cross that particular line. 

Especially on a gloomy day of finals week, with leg cramps from sitting in the library and it’s basically dark outside at 4:30pm, it is vital that one’s outfit serves as a kind of cheerleader. Everyone’s said to themselves at one time or another, “Well, at least I look good.” This is the best consoling thought to have on back stock when exam-related stress revs up. When time is running out and your mood is plummeting, looking down and remembering what cute shoes you put on that morning can have a surprisingly brightening effect. A cute outfit will keep you going through just about anything–cramming, research papers, final presentations–the professors name it and you dress for it. It can’t hurt to give yourself a little lovin’ either.

This Fashionista’s stellar sunglasses are what catch my eye first, but the rest of the ensemble shares their sentiment. Her heart-shaped frames match the design in her tights, and the combination is one part rockstar, one part flirt. Her color scheme is bright and springy, channeling the unseasonably warm day and giving her a positive aura of cheerfulness and approachability. It’s a comfy studying outfit too with the loose-fitting top and shorts, silky fabric choices and Keds (rather than stiff flats or high heels). The gold chain necklace adds a little sparkle to her look without being too busy. Plus, the layering effect of the necklace and shirt collar pulls the eye up to her face, instead of allowing the focal point of the outfit to be the bow at her waist. As the semester wraps up, don’t be afraid to pull out your Valentine’s Day clothes a little early–you deserve the love now.

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