As winter is beginning to show its icy face here in DC, everyone is beginning to take out their warmer pieces from the back of the closet. The one common misconception that I really hate about winter clothes is that they have to completely consume your body. I will admit, that was my impression when I moved to a colder climate. But, I have discovered over the past year that there is another fashionable option that is sure to keep you warm and cozy on a winter day. Any clothes can be warm as long as they are made with the right kind of material. The Fashionista exemplifies this concept perfectly.

I caught this Fashionista leaving brunch one chilly (about 55 degrees) afternoon. Notice, that even though it is winter, she is wearing an emerald green skirt. When I approached her and asked if she was cold, she simply responded that her skirt was keeping her warm because it was made of wool. Additionally, she models a light blue oxford shirt, dark brown boots and pearl earrings. An understated touch that I loved about her outfit was her consistency in her pearl accents; both her earrings and buttons on her oxford are pearl. She looks adorable while managing to keep warm. This is often a struggle for Fashionistas everywhere, including myself.

I strongly believe that any garment of clothing can be warm as long as it’s made from the right material. Take a vest, for example. If the vest is made of a standard or light cotton, it is most likely not going to be warm enough to wear out during winter. But if it were a fur vest or a wool vest, any Fashionista would be cozy and content. The same idea goes for sweaters, coats and skirts. Fabrics like cashmere, wool, fur or really heavy cotton, are sure to do the job while still managing to keep you looking fabulous. Finally, a fun way to accent these great and practical fabrics is to have gold or silver accents in accordance to the color palette of your outfit. Winter is a season full of chills, thrills, snowflakes and cozy threads. There’s no need to choose practicality over fashion — you can choose both!

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