STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: You can Hang with Me

The cold weather in DC snuck up on us all too quickly. Usually there seems to be a transitional period between October and November where it is only necessary to make little changes, such as sandals to flats. Just two weeks ago, I was wearing a dress, but today I am wrapped up in boots and a scarf with my hands crammed into my pockets. I don’t typically like carrying bags; it’s just another thing to worry about. Especially in the cold weather, a bag leaves my hands exposed to the unforgiving winter temperatures and dries out my skin. When necessary, a satchel is the most practical accessory for low temperatures because the auxiliary strap allows the bag to merely hang across your frame, without the hassel of having to hold on to it, unless you want to.

I found this Fashionista early in morning on my way to class. I know that I was wearing a long down coat because it was synonymous with the down comforter I just unwrapped myself from, but this girl managed to look fresh and trendy despite the early hour and the cold temperature. She donned a vintage satchel she acquired during a trip to Isreal for a “hands free” approach this morning. Underneath the bag, she wore a pair of worn-in boots from J.Crew, a black maxi skirt from BCBG, and a sweater from Rugby. She layered a YSL belt in order to define her waistline, and she wrapped herself up in a cozy, red and furry Jocelyn infinity scarf.

If you’re looking for something funky like this Fashionista’s bag, I recommend checking out The Cambridge Satchel Company, which has a variety of different sized satchels in basic and fluorescent colors. They are fantastic as daytime bags or can function simultaneously as a bookbag.

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