The punk movement is one that started many, many years ago, with fashion forerunners such as Vivienne Westwood. It has experienced very little change in its overall idea and execution. Mostly, it's all about attitude and how that translates through your clothing. That is actually an ideology that should be adopted across the board. Beth Ditto, lead singer of The Gossip, waves her punk flag loud and proud. In one interview about a recent song she did with another strong female performer, Peaches, she stated how she has taken her "punk-hood", I suppose you could say, to a whole other level.  She explains that she does not wear deodorant or shave under her arms because, "all punks should smell a little"….um, aiite.

The rock, punk style of dress is personally one of my favorites. It's a little rebellious and denies the ideas of conformity, which I think is of the utmost importance. This week, I ran into this young lady on the way to get lunch. Her overall presence was perfect and of course I adored her hair. i have a thing for unnaturally colored hair. Tattoos are always a must if you are trying to go for this look. Chest tattoos, in particular, are becoming more common in the mainstream media of high fashion, thanks to the help of models such as Cole Mohr. His "AprilMayJune" chest tattoo has become his trademark, essentially getting him the title of a "badboy" in fashion. 

Currently, I'm really obsessed with the latest two collection from JW Anderson and also old Gareth Pugh achieves from the 2006-2007 era; great stuff that blends the idea of high fashion "punk" and "goth."

How you are perceived to people is all in your attitude and how you carry yourself. Whether you are a fan of the "punk" look or not, attitude is the most important accessory for any outfit or style. Shop around at thrift stores and even, possibly to a lesser extent, stores like Hot Topic to transition into a more edgy look. 

Disclaimer: I use the words "punk" and "goth" with extreme discretion and carefulness due to the fact I do not believe in labels are anything that restricts a person's creative expression. They are just mere words that, for the purpose of this site and article, I use to more widely convey a presented style.

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