STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All About Accessories!

There’s nothing like getting together with friends on a nice summer day to grill out. Summer barbecues are one of the perks to the season. Warm weather, cheese burgers, and yard games are what I fondly remember from my last summer in Iowa City. However, this summer’s weather has been plagued by thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Don’t let Mother Nature keep you down and move your barbecue indoors!

I spotted this Fashionista sporting perfect barbecue attire, even though it was raining. To be honest I thought the orange umbrella was a perfect touch! It added color to her outfit, brightened up the gloomy day, and kept her dry. Her bright bracelets added color to her look as well. I loved how this Fashionista matched a denim button up with denim shorts. Blue is the hue to go for this season, and this outfit is a great example of how to incorporate it. put together a Lookbook with different 7 For All Mankind denim pieces.This Lookbook is a great way to get different ideas on how to dress up a jean outfit. The cross body purse was a nice addition to this Fashionista’s attire. Sometimes a big purse can draw attention away from the outfit, but this smaller one kept everything in balance. This ensemble would be appropriate at any summer barbexue becasue it’s laid back, but still fashion forward.
Although I liked the denim outfit, what really brought this look together were the accessories. Her purse, bangles, and umbrella really stood out to me. This outfit proved that even on a rainy day you can look fabulous!

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