Remember your first time doing laundry by yourself in college? I know I do. Let's just say I lost some items I was extremely fond of at the hands of my arch enemy: bleach. What were once my go-to pair of dark denim jeans became something out of a horror movie. Unappealing white stains blanketed my beloved American Eagle denim and ever since then, I vowed never to touch a bleach bottle ever again. But upon spotting this Fashionista on a rainy day in the quad, I'm thinking about breaking that vow – staining my denim with bleach, and actually wanting to. 

Lately I've been seeing this bleach-stricken look everywhere. From jeans to shorts, to jean jackets, you cannot help but be enticed by this quirky trend in denim. A part of the appeal definitely has to be the accessibilty to the trend – you can literally get this look without dropping a dime. All you'll need is four household items: a towel, some bleach, a bucket and that piece of boring denim you want to update! It's as simple as pouring three cups of bleach into the bucket and dipping your denim in. Let your denim sit in the bleach for 20 minutes (whilst you explore, lay it out to dry and wash it to clean out that bleach smell. And voila, you are now the owner of this season's trendiest D.I.Y. garment!

Take some inspiration from this week's Fashionista and pair your look with a short dress and moto boots for the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. She finishes off her look with sheer tights to give it a fall-like vibe and a Jansport bookbag for practicality! If you're too scared to take the dip into D.I.Y. check out items like American Eagle's super cute bleached out jeggings or an affordable Target hombre wash denim button-down!

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