This fall, there have been an immense amount of floral fabrics being showcased. This Fashionista is wearing a darling floral dress. It’s a simple ensemble, but she jazzes it up with some Converse sneakers and her gorgeous rustic bike. I love the juxtaposition of the rocker-style shoes with such a pretty dress – the perfect combination of hard and soft. Also, I adore the idea of her bike acting as an accessory. The metallic sheen on the bike is the perfect “jewelry” for this outfit.

This past week was New York Fashion Week, and there were a plethora of flower-printed pieces being sent down the runway. More particularly, this Fashionista most reminded me of the styles being shown at the Rebecca Taylor show at Fashion Week (Photos from her collection can be seen here!). This collection showed a lot of fun prints and many unique color matches. From the looks of it, it seems as though florals will be here to stay through spring 2011.

My style advice of this week is to try wearing a lovely printed floral dress. This trend can be found in every store at the moment. Some of my favorites that I have seen around the web are the Pins and Needles Dress from Urban Outfitters, the V-Neck Floral Dress from Zara and the Bow’n Back in Time dress from Modcloth. Take a hint from this week’s featured Fashionista and make the dress your own. Add an oversized cardigan or some rugged boots, and you absolutely can't go wrong!

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