Fall is my absolutely favorite season and not just for the cooler temperatures and falling leaves. The accessories for this season I believe are they best they are all year. As a student, I have to make sure that my cute purse is large enough to accommodate my books and laptop so I often choose a medium tote bag.This Fashionista I spotted carrying the new design from Michael Kors and was large enough to carry 2 books and had plenty of room to spare!

Medium tote bags allow for books and small laptops but don’t get in your way when you are riding a bus or train to or from class. What is the best shaped purse for school? You want to be sure to get one that has some structure, otherwise your books, pens and pencils will get lost and unorganized. A structured bag allows for better organization and allow you to clearly see the contents. You also want to make sure it comfortably lays on your shoulder for those long walks to and from classes. You can find a classic or fun shape with any budget, from Forever 21 to Prada

Fall brings with it such gorgeous colors. But no matter what the current color trends are, tan leather is always a classic. Try tying a silk scarf to your classic bag to give it a different feel and create variety in your wardrobe. If you like darker colors try a classic black leather or even a brown. No outfit is complete without accessories and having the perfect purse for your outfit is vital to creating a complete look. If you want to add an element of sophistication, look for a structured tote bag and accessorize on!

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