STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Straight Sophistication

New York Fashion Week 2011 is a wrap but the hype around Marc Jacobs runway show is still going strong. Reviews praised his perfect mixture of vintage 40’s and futuristic style. “I wanted something strict and severe,” said Marc. Trends featured in his show were polka dots, high collars, uptight button ups, and peplum jackets. The success of this new hot trend means the grunge rolled-out-of-bed look is no longer the look desired for this spring. Unfortunately, this may mean waking up a little earlier to get ready for the day, but anything for Marc Jacobs, right? Marc wasn’t the only designer sporting a more sophisticated look. Donna Karen and Costello Tagliapietra's lines both went along with the theme of a polished, uptown look.Channeling Marc’s polished runway style to the streets means going for a chic secretariat look. This Fashionista captured the essence of Marc by wearing a jacket with a high collar and tubular sleeves. The print and color of this jacket gives it a classic, vintage vibe that is perfect for a sophisticated look. This outfit could easily be transformed into a classy night ensemble or a formal interview look by exchanging flats with heels.

Other ways to capture this conservative style is sculpted peplum tops, which are flared corset tops, and knee length pencil skirts. Peplum hems, popular during the 80’s, bring back the feminine hourglass figure. Knee length pencils skirt are the perfect compliment to peplum tops to complete the look.

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