STYLE ADVICE OF WEEK: Show the Devil Inside!!

With a fourth NCAA championship under our belt, school spirit and energy is at an all time high here at Duke’s campus! Students are lining up to buy their championship shirts and sporting their Zoubek and Scheyer jerseys! Personally, I have never seen so many people wear Duke blue–we are proud to be Blue Devils!

This Fashionista is showing her school spirit in an especially chic way. She wears a flattering American Apparel royal blue and cream striped dress! To give it some shape, she pairs it with a simple black belt. It’s a great way to show school spirit without wearing an obvious “Duke” shirt. To top it off, she carries her books in a shiny American Apparel backpack–forget boring Longchamp bags and North Face backpacks.

So wear Duke blue this week and be proud to be a blue devil!!!

Style On,


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