When I first heard the word “high-waisted”, I couldn’t help but instantly think of a pair of mom jeans. Yes, those pair of jeans that moms wore in the '90s that were embarrassingly too high. However, over the past couple of years the nature of a high-waisted bottom has changed significantly. Today, we’re surrounded with tons of fabulous and fresh options that truly make one feel and look stylish. 

When I spotted this chic Fashionista, I immediately fell in love with her look. Those great high-waisted shorts create the focal point of her outfit. Though the shorts are slightly daring due to the dip-dye and side embellishment, it is paired with a cropped, solid-color tank in order to maintain the understated feel of the outfit. Though I have dabbled my feet into this trend, I cannot say that I have pulled it off quite as well as this Fashionista. The key to a great pair of high-waisted shorts are, like with many bottoms, finding the perfect fit. High-waisted shorts, especially denim ones like these, are meant to fit snuggly around your body. But when it comes to shorts that are a different fabric such as silk, they should be worn on the looser side. The fit will not only make or break the look of the short, but an ill-fitting short can ruin the essence of an entire outfit. 

Though shorts are currently the most popular of the high-waisted family, there are also some amazing options when it comes to pants and skirts. With pants, fit is also important. Nevertheless, there are several great looking fits that work on many people. There are tight-fitting jeans, tailored pants and, my personal favorite, a pair of loose pants. Skirts are definitely the most common member of the high-waisted family.  A high-waisted skirt is easy to wear and can be dressed down for a day of shopping or dressed up for a night out on the town. Regardless of what high-waisted bottom a girl chooses to wear, there is one thing that is certain: high-waisted bottoms are no longer nerdy. They’re hip.

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