Style Guru Bio: Abby Mathieson

Hi, my name is Abigail Mathieson and I am a sophomore at Duke University. I first became interested in fashion when I was a little girl. The summer I turned ten, my mom taught me how to sew on our rusty old machine and I have loved clothing ever since. I read Harper's Bazaar and Vogue religiously (I think I have every copy of Bazaar and Vogue dating back to 2006) and have more pairs of jeans than is probably healthy. I am the oldest of four siblings and grew up in San Francisco, California. I am a photographer, play three different sports, and love traveling. I've been to Spain, Ireland, Tanzania, Ecuador, China, Thailand, and Costa Rica, so my style inspirations span many cultures and continents. I think I would describe my personal style as classic/vintage/bohemian, however, it is always shifting and morphing depending on where I am, what I'm doing, and who inspires me. I am very excited to write this Style Advice of the Week column, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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