Style Guru Bio: Alex Havlick

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Alex Havlick, and I’m a Journalism major at The University of Iowa. Since I’ve been a little girl I’ve been obsessed with fashion. From playing dress up in my mom’s couture to shopping in Chicago, I’ve always been mesmerized by beautiful clothes and accessories. My personal style is not limited to one look in particular. If someone were to gaze in my closet they would see dainty floral patterns and soft cream and pink hues on one side. On the other side there are the more edgy black dresses, and bright colors like fuchsia and royal blue. One of the best things about fashion is you can alter your style to reflect your mood. When I’m feeling girly I can throw on a white lacey dress, and when I’m feeling daring I can pick a bold patterned skirt. The possibilities of putting together an outfit are endless, and experimenting is half the fun. I look forward to catching you stylish Fashionistas/os all around Iowa City. Don't forget, Style On! 

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