Style Guru Bio: Alexandra Ginsberg

My name is Alexandra Ginsberg and I am a sophomore at Emory University. I plan on studying Business with a concentration in Marketing, and hope to pursue a fashion career as a stylist. Having grown up in Boston, much of my style is influenced by the fast-paced, streamlined nature of the Northeast. I like to keep the basis of my outfits simple but add one scene-stealing piece (think statement necklaces, high-waists, or vintage fur), and there is rarely a day I go without wearing black. Further sources of style inspiration stem from my worship of Rachel Zoe, Bianca Jagger and the countless sick days I’ve spent watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s on repeat.

This past summer I worked as a stylist at a Boston boutique. Each day was exhilarating, as fashion is a medium of individuality. Creating an outfit is like solving a puzzle; one must find the right combination of pieces to accurately portray the mood and personality of the wearer. Style is a blank canvas that allows one to define their identity and present it to others — use it to your advantage!

This is my first semester as a Style Guru, and I look forward to providing you all with STYLE ADVICE each week!


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