Style Guru Bio: Alison Printz

My name is Alison Printz and I am currently a freshman at George Washington University.

I have always seen the world in a glamorous way. Growing up in New Jersey, spending my summers in The Hamptons and with New York City as my backyard, Fashion has always been a part of my DNA. However, expressing my style was never easy. Why? For 12 years, I attended a small religious day school with a strict dress code to follow. That meant no shorts, no tank tops, and certainly no high heels. I hit my roadblock. 

This was just a slight detour. I still managed to show up to school in faux fur vests and knee high fringe boots. If the mood struck me, maybe silk shorts with patterned tights (I did get in trouble for those, though). I even wore my off the shoulder shirts on repeat senior year, and got called out in the middle of prayers by a teacher.  Needless to say this was not my finest moment. However, by senior year, I was voted Best Dressed for my senior superlative. Great fashion is never wasted. I believe this epithet of Best Dressed led to my being elected as the Public Relations and Apparel Chair for my sorority, Sigma Delta Tau.

Currently, I would call my sense of style a mix of trendy bohemian. I tend to favor oversize shirts, leggings, dark skinnies and boots. Arm jewelry and patterned flats are also favorites of mine. In addition, I love bold pieces. Believing that even the most outrageous item can turn a basic outfit into a runway-worthy look, I strive to stay current and original. I admit that I have an occasional lapse, as my knee-high fringe boots stay high on my list. Or I may pair my high waisted silk harem pants with a leopard top. However, the one item that I always stay true to, no matter what outfit I am wearing is my “A” necklace, which was given to me as a gift many years ago from my recently deceased grandfather. His faith in me was strong and unwavering, so I wear it for good luck. 

Fashion is the one trait that can set one person apart from another. There is no right or wrong in fashion (unless you are wearing a meat dress à la Lady Gaga, then you might have a few issues). Therefore to me the louder, the better.

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