Style Guru Bio: Alix Mann

My name is Alix Mann and my style started to evolve at the tender age of five. My mom realized the minute I stepped into her cream Manolo Blahniks that I was already an accomplished Fashionista. My style has come a long way from the Daisy Duke era of the third grade, even though I still own a pair of overalls (c’mon, you know you kept yours too). 

Whether I’m all out preppy decked out in coral capris, and Sperry Top Siders or rocking a cool look in a maxi dress, my style is always changing. My one rule is to always be comfortable. This is something that I learned at my first fashion show at Bryant Park in 7th grade. I watched as all the Carmen Marc Volvo models sauntered down the catwalk in their insanely high heels and tight dresses from the ’06 collection. Although they looked gorgeous, the pain on their faces was enough for me to nix anything from leather leggings to platform heels. 

I tend to gravitate towards designers who know how to cater to individuals who love style in a more relaxed fashion (Diane von Furstenberg I’m talking about you!). I’m always excited to see how designers can whip up something like a sweatshirt covered in sequins and make it appropriate for daytime. I know, sometime in the future I will have to surrender and wear 5-inch heels but for now my feet are grateful as I walk the city in my Tory Burch flats.

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