Style Guru Bio: Bee Gilbert

Fashion has been a passion of mine for as along as I can remember. As a child, I was always sporting all sorts of costume jewelry, I was my dog's most reliable fashion consultant and could often be found deep in my mother’s closet, hoping to find a pair of shiny and sparkely pumps that would miraculously fit me. It certainly didn’t hurt that I grew up in a house that was very fashion-forward. My mother had a shop on Madison Avenue in NYC for many years, so while I was growing up I sported the most stylish outfits that an elementary school student could. My wardrobe was a sea of Oilily paisleys, Hanna Anderson stripes and poofy princess dresses from Morgane Le Fay.

Fashion meant a lot to me and only became more important to me as I grew up and headed to boarding school in Connecticut and then to college in Boston. By the time I reached Connecticut, I had experienced fashion from the West to the East Coast and realized how much it meant to me. Seeing different types of fashion and different people’s styles really opened my eyes to see how influential and incredible fashion really was worldwide. Much like math is a universal language, I think fashion is too. Regardless of where you are, what your gender is, how much money you have or how old you are, you can always make room for fashion. Fashion inspired me to major in advertising, as I hope that I will eventually get to work in fashion advertising.

Interning at CollegeFashionista is a dream come true. I get to combine my love for fashion, social media and writing all into one. I draw a lot of my fashion inspiration from the styles that I see on the street, therefore CollegeFashionista will inspire me to take my hobbies to a new level.

Look out for my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK posts on Mondays. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on campus.


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