Style Guru Bio: Bee Gilbert

I’m so happy to be back on board for the fall semester! My summer was quite eventful, as I was in New York City working at a fashion advertising firm. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve gotten a giant dose of fashion and glamour that will last me for a little while. Being surrounded by models, photographers, major companies and incredible artists has certainly gotten my creativity flowing and I am both nervous and excited to begin my senior year at BU.

Though the concept of being a real person kind of freaks me out, I am extremely excited to see what the future has in store for me. Because I will have fewer classes to take this year, I’m going to take the opportunity to immerse myself in internships, my job at Ralph Lauren and Boston as a whole. This is my third semester at CollegeFashionista and it remains are rewarding as ever. Watching it flourish and become recognized has actually been incredible and  it is awesome to think that I helped contribute to it!

I’m can’t wait for the semester to start because I can start bringing on a new wardrobe. I love summer, but I’m getting sick of my clothes — though I will say I’ll miss wearing maxi dresses and high-waisted shorts (guess I’ll have to get a pair of tweed ones?). We’re going to have an amazing fall, my fellow Fashionista/os. I look forward to spotting you on campus!

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