Style Guru Bio: Brenna Laegreid

My name is Brenna Laegreid, and I am excited for a summer filled with showing you all my favorite spotted trends. I am a WSU Coug and very proud of it. I am spending half of my summer in the lovely town of Pullman and the other half in Seattle, where I was born and raised. Growing up in Seattle definitely influenced my fashion sense. As a die-hard Seattlite and Pacific Northwest native, my favorite place to shop is definitely Nordstrom. Between working and shopping, I spend so much time at Nordstrom I’ve been told I should just move in to their At Home department. My other favorite places to frequent are small surf or ski shops, depending on the season. Those are really the secret to my favorite finds. I think those small little board boutiques have a lot of personality and the best accessories.

My favorite trends of the season so far are the high-low maxis that have become so popular in a matter of weeks. Also, I am loving all the fun, different styles of wedges that are popping up. From the printed sandal wedge to the sculpted sole, I’m loving the all the twists on this summer classic. Lastly, a trend that the guys have been able to enjoy as well is colored denim. Seen in pants and shorts this summer, I think it’s a great way to spice up a plain outfit and I love that guys are getting into it as well.

Being that I am a girl writing for LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS, the trends I wear are not necessarily what you can be expecting from my posts. I have always been interested in the effortless styles of younger guys' fashion, and my posts will portray my favorite trends. So many of my guy friends claim that they’re not into fashion or have no sense of style when in reality most of them are much more savvy then they claim to be. The bottom line is that they don’t give themselves enough credit. Growing up in a family full of sisters and living in a sorority, I rely on my guy friends to keep me updated on what is going on the world of men’s fashion. This will prove to be very helpful this summer as I write for CollegeFashionista and with my new job selling in The Rail department of Nordstrom.

I am beyond excited to be your Style Guru this summer as I bring the men’s trends of Pullman and Seattle directly to you, and I look forward to the many Fashionistos yet to be discovered.

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