Style Guru Bio: Calley Edwards

Hey guys, Calley here. After having a fun experience as a Style Guru during the summer, I am excited to continue blogging during the fall semester of my senior year at Emory University, where I study French and Art History. I am sad to be in my final year of college but also excited to face the real world and attempt to make my dream of working in fashion come true.

Fall is hands down, the best season. It is a time full of fatty September issues, in case you didn’t know it’s Vogue’s biggest issue ever! Going back to school is an exciting time as well, everyone is eager to see their friends and show off their newest pair of back to school jeans. Fall fashion means ankle boots, faux fur jackets, and chunky sweaters. I get giddy just thinking about it all.

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. The hipster-infested, environmentally friendly and perennially overcast town definitely has influenced my personal style. However being at school in Atlanta it seems like a different world. I have always had the passion for fashion ever since I can remember and now I spend my time breathing anything fashion related. Too many hours have been spent on and searching through magazines for the rare items that I can afford.

I love experimenting with different fashion trends and taking risks even if it makes me stand out like a sore thumb. Anything with sequins, tulle, feathers, or anything of the like immediately grabs my interest but shoes are my weakness. I am always fighting the urge to buy a new pair when I am out shopping. They can make or break any outfit.

As school starts I cannot wait to document my campus’ Fashionistas with my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK every Monday.

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