Style Guru Bio: Cara McLaughlin

My name is Cara McLaughlin, and I just finished up my freshman year at Fordham University’s Rose Hill campus. Although I live in New York City now, I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. In high school, I organized prom dress drives for the Princess Project and interned at various companies, including a fashion networking website, a philanthropic magazine, and an independent film company. My interest in fashion began in my early preschool days, when I thought that nothing was more stylish than wearing mismatched socks, a Rugrats shirt, and my hair in a fountain ponytail. Needless to say, my personal style has evolved and matured at least slightly since then. I consider my look to possess a certain city chic-ness with a bit of California flavor. I aspire to one day work as a stylist, a fashion buyer, a fashion editor, or in fashion public relations. Until then, I intend to set out on campus searching for the coolest new trends and funkiest new styles to share with you guys and try out myself!

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