Style Guru Bio: Cate Young

Hi! My name is Cate and I'm a Photojournalism major at Boston University minoring in Spanish. I’m originally from Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies so New England is a big change for me. I love being exposed to the sophisticated fashion in Boston and I get so much inspiration for my personal style from the people here. My goal is be a major fashion photographer and fashion magazine editor. What better way to get into the business than right on my own campus?

My personal style is mostly casual with what I call 'selective sophistication'. I like to be a little eccentric and uncoordinated because it better reflects my constantly moving personality. You won't catch me with matching heels and purse! I try to wear at least one stand out piece with each outfit. All it takes it a beautiful ring or the right pair of shoes to make any outfit memorable. Currently I'm a obsessed with blazers and pumps and you won't catch me without my oversize bag!

I've come to respect fashion as the art form that it is, and to appreciate the work and dedication that designers put into their brands. Some people think that fashion is frivolous, but I've realized that fashion is a form of self expression, and is simply another avenue through which I can present myself to the world. Can't wait to bring you sizzling styles! 

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