Style Guru Bio: Chelsea March

I am a college student, fully invested in the fashion industry. I started loving fashion in high school when I got my first retail job. Although the clothing that I was working with at the time was that of little girls, it inspired me to dive deeper into the world of fashion.

After that, I had various retail jobs, as my love began to grow I wanted to better myself as a person. I am a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Fashion Merchandising Management. I was lucky enough to volunteer for Fashion’s Night Out 2010, intern with Juan Carlo Obango, and work the BCBG S/S 2011 all during my first semester. I am currently featured in the December/January issue of Teen Vogue, due to winning a contest with Canon Powershot and Teen Vogue.

As I begin my second semester, I am working on an internship with a designer and a marketing firm. I am hoping that all of the experience that I am currently getting will pay off in the future when I go to look for a job in the fashion industry.  

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