Style Guru Bio: Chris Bailey

How's it goin' Indiana? I'm Chris, one of CollegeFashionista's newest Style Gurus. I'm a Californian living in Indiana and I live by a simple rule to getting dressed: less is more and simple is everything. I'm majoring in Journalism with a PR Focus and have a zeal for fashion. I am all about a clean-cut, all-American, preppy look. While the style is often stereotyped as crest-embroidered jackets, sharply creased pants and shirts with little alligator logos over the heart, it doesn't have to be so stuck up! Though these garments are often seen in preppy ensembles, the style is more about clean lines and quality crafting than it is about embroidered details and playing golf. It's not so complicated! Throughout the semester, I hope to show you all what it takes to get that classic, clean-cut look. And listen up guys: expect a lot more tips for you! Now that we got a guys' point of view, I'll make sure to give you guys some tips.

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