Style Guru Bio: Cori Depue

Hi everyone!  My name is Cori Depue, and I am a junior at the University of Iowa, majoring in Communication Studies.  At the age of twenty I am: a self proclaimed shopaholic, both online and in stores, a loyal reader of Vogue and Refinery29, a sporadic blogger, an amateur user of Polyvore, and like I said before, a junior studying at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.  Yes, that’s right-  I said Iowa.  The most ironic part about me writing about fashion in Iowa is that I’m originally from southern California, a major fashion hub not only of the country, but of the world as well.

Moving to the Midwest from southern California was a big change for me.  Not only does the style of the Midwest contrast greatly with my beachy roots, but the change of weather was difficult as well. The winter months here in Iowa City are harsh, and it challenged my ability to stay stylish in the bitter cold. However, it has been an adventure finding fun, fresh ways to layer up and keep warm while still remaining fashionable.  Iowa City has a look of its own, and it has been a place of inspiration for me, which is why I am excited to share the unique, street style looks of this fabulous campus and city with you.
Though my personal style is always evolving, I believe I have pioneered a signature look.  I remain true to my roots as a California native, and on most days, I prefer to look casual cool.  For fall, I am loving tribal inspired pieces (feather accessories, headbands, and fringe), slouchy knits (sweaters, scarves, and caps), and girlier pieces (maxi skirts, lace, and ruffles).  My ultimate fashion icons are Emma Watson and Rachel Bilson because they’re looks are unpredictable, yet always polished.

Aside from my passion for fashion, I love music, flowers, the outdoors, cooking delicious (and beautiful) food, and staying active.  I am happy as ever living in a college town amidst cornfields, finding great places for camping and adventures and discovering adorable, hidden thrift shops and vintage clothing stores.  Stepping out of my comfort zone and living somewhere completely unknown to me has been a humbling experience.  It has helped me grow as a person both mentally and physically, and I have grown to appreciate various cities, especially my own, for their unique flair.

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