Style Guru Bio: Cori Depue

My name is Cori Depue, and I am a Communication Studies major at the University of Iowa. For me, putting together a daily outfit has been an expressive outlet, and althoug I’ve pioneered a signature look, I love to mix up my wardrobe daily and discover ways to make certain trends my own. I have always loved clothes, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I truly became interested in fashion and considered pursuing a career in the industry.

Originally from southern California, moving to the Midwest was a big change. Not only does the style of the Midwest contrast greatly with my beach roots, but the change of weather was difficult as well. The winter months here in Iowa City are harsh, and it challenged my ability to stay stylish in the bitter cold. However, it has been an adventure finding fun, fresh ways to layer up and keep warm while still remaining fashionable.

My personal style is always evolving, but I have definitely remained true to my roots as a California native, and most days I prefer to remain casual and comfortable but trendy. Growing up close to Los Angeles has had a major impact on my interest in fashion; it is a city to see personal style at its finest. Most of my inspiration comes from my surroundings and I have always enjoyed observing how other people create their own, personal look. Although Iowa City is certainly no Los Angeles, it definitely has its own sense of fashion which is why I am excited to share the street styles of Iowa City with you!

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